Don’t Reinvent the Wheel – Just Pump It Up!

It’s easy to create technology rich lessons in Ednexio.  There’s no need to reinvent the wheel – but you may need to “pump it up.” Simply take a lesson you love that may have little or no technology integrated into it and add websites and multimedia to more fully engage your students.  Keep the end in mind when integrating technology, though.  It should be purposeful and not just an afterthought.

How do you get started? There are plenty […]

Teachers Say Tech Integration is Empowering

From its inception, Ednexio has been relying on a group of expert teachers and their students to give us feedback on our learning platform. After six months of using Ednexio with their students, we asked them to describe – in one word – what integrating technology has been like for them so far.  From empowering to relevant, the overall process and outcome of tech integration appears to be very positive for both the teachers and […]

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What the Heck? From Teacher to Co-Founder of Ednexio

What the heck was I thinking?  I had a great job as a teacher and Technology Lead at a small, local elementary school five minutes from my house.  I essentially had my own ed tech incubator, where I could create and integrate technology district wide. I enjoyed collaborating with the school administration and the IT guys and actually got to develop what infrastructure and devices the students and teachers needed from the start. My principal/superintendent was […]

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