5 Tips for Teaching Digital Skills and Citizenship

Teaching with technology can be extremely motivating and empowering for both teachers and students.  But, as Spiderman’s Uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” As a teacher, it’s important that you not only develop your students’ technical skills like how to create a presentation, video, or blog, but also make sure they know how to be good digital citizens, be safe, and be critical thinkers online. Your classroom of digital natives may know how […]

Give It A Try! Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a free online creation suite for both teachers and students.  It has a beautiful and easy user interface, with lots of inspiration in their Inspiration Gallery .  You and your students will be able to create professional looking social graphics, web stories and animated videos in no time.  Choose from a variety of templates or start from scratch.  And did I say it’s FREE?

Ednexio Rating Grade […]

What Skills Do Kids Need to Succeed in 2020? 2050?

Way back in 2009, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills developed a Framework for 21st Century Learning.  Many educators and schools in the U.S. and abroad have used P21’s Framework for 21st Century Learning to guide their teaching. Now, eight years later, with students’ lives becoming more connected to technology, does this framework still hold up to the test of time?

The Four Elements of 21st Century Learning

The Framework for 21st Century Learning consists of […]

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