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I’m always looking for ways to integrate tech into the classroom and using online Lino Sticky Notes can be just as fun and easy as using real sticky notes (maybe even more so).  You basically have a blank bulletin board, where you can pose a question or post an assignment; upload pictures, videos, and files; and create a group and share the link to the board with your students. They follow the link and are then able to collaborate with you and with each other! Lino Sticky Notes can be used on a PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices – and it’s free!

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If you’ve ever used sticky notes in your classroom, you know how fun it can be.  When I taught art class, I would use them for quick quizzes or exit tickets to check for understanding.  “Which piece of art represents Impressionism?” I’d ask my students. I’d have several art posters up in the classroom and, as they left the class, each student would put a sticky note on the poster they thought best answered the question. My students never failed to have fun with them, and it gave me a way to quickly and visually see that they had actually learned something!

With Lino Sticky Notes you can quickly integrate technology in a familiar and exciting way!

I asked some of my teacher friends how they would use Lino sticky notes and asked them to post their notes on a group canvas.  Here’s the feedback I got back (click on the image below to enlarge):

Go ahead…give it a try!

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Paula Rose is the co-founder and CEO of Ednexio. a 21st Century teaching and learning platform that promotes real learning with real technology. As a former public school teacher and technology lead for her district, Paula experienced first hand how technology - used purposefully - can transform and personalize learning.


  1. Melissa Greene May 26, 2015 at 5:17 pm is a similar tool to use online, but you have the ability to make sure the “post-it” type notes do not overlap or get in the way. I had students write a topic sentence for a given topic when I was teaching paragraph writing and then I was able to provide feedback to each of them. They saw all kinds of sample topic sentences and I told them that as soon as one person used specific word choice, no one else could use those same words. It pushed them to get their sentence created quickly and then it pushed them to modify word choice. It was great. Even those who struggled with the writing were able to complete the assignment because they saw so many samples and the feedback about whether it needed to be revised or it was good or it needed to be more focused on the prompt, etc. I like better than linoit….personal preference.

  2. Paula Rose May 28, 2015 at 12:20 pm

    Thanks, Melissa. I’ll review Padlet and post an article about it soon.

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